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Solar Stream uses advanced liquid technology to break down and dissolve organic dirt, grime, and other contaminants from the modules of your solar panels. The formula providesd a clean surface which can be further protected by an application of our nano ceramic coating.



  • Effectively removes organic dirt from solar panels
  • Can be used on all types of solar panels (photovoltaic and thermal)
  • Safe and non-toxic formula that won't damage the surface of your solar panels
  • Provides a protective coating that helps prevent future dirt and debris buildup
  • Saves time and money on maintenance and cleaning


Industries & Applications

  • Cleaning and protection of photovoltaic solar panels, solar thermal panels, photovoltaic solar tiles, etc.
  • Installers of photovoltaic plants
  • Solar panel cleaning companies
  • Solar parks with their own maintenance teams


The product is sold in a concentrated  form. The dilution ratio is 1:50 A softened water is recommended for diluting this product, as it will not leave any residues behidn it which could compromise the integrity of the nano caoting.


Solar stream panel washing solution 5ltr

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